Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wally - Boston and São Paulo

So I had one of those goofy moments when I visited Boston last week where I hugged a random fluffy mascot. I'm not sure why being in the US provokes such wackiness in me (I would not consider hugging the Palmeiras toucan, or what is that bird again? Help, I am a terrible card-carrying fan). Yes, that is me with Wally and the three World Series trophies (my brother, Sox fan that he is, explained to me later that the Sox won in 2004, 2007 and 2013. I was happy I knew who the Red Sox were, baseball fan that I am not). 

Wally is the Green Monster, and not in fact a Green Elmo as I originally thought. What a disappointment to find that out once I had reached the front of the line. Oh well, one muppet is as good as the next and I enjoyed facebooking this photo over to my bro. And I began to think about my random brushes with famous people in Brazil. Here I must remind you that I have only been in Brazil for a few years so "famous" people have to be pointed out to me by Brazilians. Not my husband since he wouldn't know Gisele from Fernanda Lima. Okay, I exaggerate. He would know that.

In summary then. I saw Caroline Dieckmann at the Mercado Municipal in Pinheiros. I don't know who she is but she seemed nice enough in taking photos with lots of people. I saw Pele once at Antiquarius, a once favorite restaurant, now closed. He seemed nice too. Turns out he is not American--who knew? I thought all Cosmos players were American. Ummm, I stayed at the same hotel as some of the E o Tchan girls fifteen years ago when someone cared about them. I beaned one of the richest CEOs in Brazil with a tennis ball in a misplaced net shot during a tennis game at a corporate event. I've never seen my husband turn whiter than at that moment. He was okay. The CEO and my husband. 

Yeah, that's it. Oh, I saw Senator Suplicy walking back from the gym. And my husband pointed out the dude who illustrates Monica one time on a plane, and then there was a large basketball guy but I can't remember his name. 

Not one of them had a trophy. Or three. And not one of them gave me such a nice green hug.I have a new mission. Find a mascot in a public area and hug it.  One can only hope I find the Uruguay team in time.

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