Monday, December 16, 2013

Pinheiros Muncipal Market - São Paulo

Here's a slightly fuzzy shot of one of my favorite places in São Paulo. It is the Municipal Market of Pinheiros. This neighborhood market is much smaller than the main municipal market but it is also much closer to me--around 10 minutes from my place. You can find everything and anything here: the best prices on fresh vegetables and fruits as well as several butchers, a fantastic fresh seafood store filled with fish you have never heard of, and a wine store. There are also various dried goods "booths" with barrels or tubs of rices and beans and spices and all kinds of wondrous things.

One of the workers at our favorite "everything" shop on the bottom floor is a tall young man who speaks English, German, Portuguese and Turkish. Yes, Turkish. Unfortunately he was not there on this day--I will add a post about him another day. It is a very friendly place--many of the sellers recognize us and ask where we've been recently (they ask the same question if we have been there a week ago or a month ago). 

The market is officially titled Mercado Municipal Engenheiro João Pedro de Carvalho Neto, and dates back to 1910. It was in a different location than it is now--closer to the Largo da Batata (see another one of my posts for that area) and was known as the  “Mercado dos Caipiras”, or (very loosely translated) "Red-Neck Market". Oh all right, "Caipira" is really someone from the countryside. The old building was knocked down and this one dates from 1971. Don't miss the "pastel" or fried yummies for sale outside.

Open Monday - Saturday 8 am - 6 pm at Rua Pedro Cristi, 89. See you there!

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