Thursday, December 12, 2013

Let the Gringo hunting begin! - São Paulo

I noticed this sign up in the lobby of the South Africa consulate. It is the Brazilian Uncle Sam (just kidding, no such thing here) saying he wants the "Gringos of São Paulo" to represent your own country in the First World Cup of Foreigners in São Paulo. 32 countries, March-June 2014 (when the actual World Cup begins). 

Now there are many cracks I can make about this. Like how this is definitely where I would head if I were a bad guy and needed dollars. Or how in the world are they going to find 11 Iranians in São Paulo (I may have to eat my words because I know one, but I don't think she plays soccer). Or 11 Nigerians, or Cameroonians (Camerites? Camericans?). 

For now, I shall let it ride.

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