Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Rainbow nation and Collor - São Paulo

Okay, bonus post today and so ironic since it competes with Mr. Mandela below. I was flipping through the paper, and stopped to glance at the front page...ah, here is the obligatory photo of past presidents of Brazil going to South Africa for the Mandela memorial...seems just like the US photo except with a woman in the middle here. 

Wait a second...who is the guy on the far right? Can it be? Yes, it IS. It's Fernando Collor de Mello, the president famous for resigning his presidential office before being impeached for corruption. Which he was, anyway. 

Who invited him? What is the protocol on that? Invite your worst president ever to pay homage to one of the world's great leaders? Huh?  If I were South Africa, I would have sent him home.  I am afraid to find out that he was actually invited by South Africa. Maybe I won't ask. I think he should have declined, anyway.

Does he travel on a diplomatic passport still? Wait...he's a senator. Yep, he got re-elected. I sure do hope his home state is footing the bill cause I don't want to think my taxes went to his trip.

Weird, Brazil. Very weird.


  1. He sounds like that Sanford guy in South Carolina who was reelected after that whole big scandal...ridiculous. Guess it's a worldwide phenomenon!

    1. Sorry, I just saw this comment. Yeah, Sanford was a fool for lying about seeing his girlfriend, and of course there were several who did the same (Clinton comes to mind) but that wasn't corruption. I have to look it up but I think Nixon also traveled around to ribbon-cuttings and stuff even after Watergate so yes, I suppose we are not all that different after all...