Monday, December 2, 2013

Racquet Sports - São Paulo

The above is a picture of one of my favorite things in Brazil.  I will say that it is not actually made in Brazil (China) but that I have only ever seen it here. Then again, I have never been to China, and many other places so what do I know?

This, my readers, is the Frita Insetos (Fry Insects) racquet. It's about the size of a racquetball racquet, takes 2 "AA" batteries and fries bugs like there's no tomorrow. As you swing this thing around (extra points for nice follow-through and more than one insect on a swing), it fries up those mosquitos with the most satisfying zap-bang-of-blue-light-then-sizzle you've ever heard.

My seven-year olds are now allowed to wield it themselves but there are rules of engagement. Only stinging bugs may be killed, and you'd better think twice about trying for a wasp because they seem to only  be momentarily stunned before looking around for your bum to take revenge on. Those are stun-and-squash victims. 

It's quite a charge in these suckers--trust me, you don't want to test if they are working or not by placing your hand on the metal grid. They're working. The feeling in your fingers will be gone for quite some time. I am guessing that is why these are not available in the US--it is a lawsuit waiting to happen. 

In the meantime, for R$15 (US$7) a pop, it may be my favorite Christmas present this year. Remember, it's mosquito season down here...zap, sizzle, happy summer!


  1. I have seen something like that before here in the US! Not exact, but same concept. Whether it was legally acquired here or smuggled in from somewhere else, I don't know-- all I could think was wow, now there's an accident waiting to happen...

    1. I love 'em. And technically, they are not illegal and not dangerous in terms of seriously hurting someone. It would be the same zap as you get off those blue lamp things people hang. Yeah, there will be accidents, especially as wielded by seven year olds, but man, I am bringing mine with me next summer in the US! I may have issues moving back to lawsuit country...

  2. I think it would be perfect entertainment for a camping trip! Who needs those little insect repellant coils when you can be more proactive?

    By the way, I'm Jill. I've commented here before so I thought I should introduce myself. I found your blog from Born Again Brazilian, who I found from...some other blogger! Can't remember who. Anyway, I enjoy your posts. You have such an amusing take on all life's little oddities :)

  3. Hi Jill!! Thanks for introducing yourself and thanks for reading! The only part of the camping trip that could get rough is if you are camping near someone else's tent and all they hear all night is zap! crackle! Kind of kills the nature scene, no? But yes, I would pack one if we were out by ourselves somewhere. It's just too much fun!