Monday, December 23, 2013

If we build it, they will come - Sao Sebastiao

Barbecue, beach style.

The house we are renting has no barbecue, and as any Brazilian knows, no house can be a happy place without one. So BH, son of BH (soBH?) and brother of BH (boBH?) set about building one.

First they borrowed cement blocks from the construction workers next door. I wish I had been there for that conversation--"would you mind...?" Then again, it might not have been the weirdest story the workers have ever heard. 

Then they went to the local Home Depot (hahaahahahaa, no, that's a joke--HD does not exist here. More like a small construction supply store) and bought bricks for 10 cents a piece and built the rest for a total cost of US $8.

Before the big barbecue day was set, the barbecue was tested with a sausage or two. It passed muster. We had a great feast for 14 the day after.

You cannot stop Brazilians from barbecuing. 

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  1. Great idea. I have a small hitachi style grill that my BW (Brazilian wife) is embarrassed by. I like the idea of elevating it with bricks.