Monday, December 9, 2013

Party rice - São Paulo

One of my favorite expressions here is "arroz da festa" or "party rice." It's what you call people who never miss a party (whether they are invited or not). Many of the socialites of São Paulo who litter the inside page of Folha's Illustrada section would be example (I am careful to not name names, no?)

The origin of the expression is somewhat unclear. It could be the custom of throwing rice at the newly-married. But most likely it comes from the colonizers. In Portuguese traditional family parties and celebrations, there were always desserts made with rice and sugar (sweet rice)--and these were known as "arroz da festa" or party rice.

I would suggest using this phrase only with people who you know well because it could be taken the wrong way if you accuse someone of being party rice. I have never once been accused of being party rice, as I am mostly asleep by 10 pm these days.


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