Sunday, December 22, 2013

Urubu - São Sebastião

An urubu to the left, about the size of a kid!

This is the first year that my kids are really independent at the beach. They are good swimmers, entertain each other, and are feeling great after their last day of school on December 18.  Just today they jumped waves, made sandcastles, climbed the oceanside trees, caught bugs and ants to fight one another, collected shells, ate three popsicles and took two beach showers. They are nonstop.

This afternoon they even had a chance to chase some vultures who were moving in on a dead fish on the beach. One of the twins defended (?) the (dead) fish while the other chased the six large black vultures away—they winged away for a while then returned when the kids tired of the chase. In Portuguese, the word for vulture is “urubu” and one of my favorites…it just makes those guys sound bad-***, which of course they are.

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