Friday, December 20, 2013

Brazil Style - São Sebastião

Yesterday, after a three and a half hour drive down the sea-front mountains, we arrived in Guaecá. I know I have posted about this beach before so I won't bore you all with it again, but this place is magic. 

This year we have done particularly well on our house rental and our house is oceanfront. This means that two seven-year old boys were immediately through the back door then out the front door and in the sand. Sand castles, capoeira, judo, and handsprings followed shortly. 

And the sunset...there is nothing like the Guaecá sunset. And a little boy silhouetted as he cartwheels down the beach. Christmas week in Brazil. LOVE it!


  1. Guaecá is really a magic place. My wife's family own a little "apartmanent" at a two storey condo for decades. I go every year, and stay only there. No need to go to other places, just some friend's house at other beach, after downtown. We started dating there and still together, almost 20 years ago. And in January, we will be there again, enjoying the calm beach at the almost chaotic São Paulo shore... Merry Christmas!

    1. We looked at buying a house at some of the beaches that are closer to São Paulo--the commute here has gotten to be quite bad with Tamoios pretty much out of commission. But I just don't love any other litoral norte beach like this one. My inlaws had a house here for 20 years and sold about four years ago--now we're renters. The beach stays as nice, though the silverware is mismatched ;). Yes, magic. We leave before New Year's because the place gets simply too crazy for me. Hope you have a great vacation here!