Thursday, December 26, 2013

The evil enemy...and it's a small one - São Sebastião

This little bug is the bane of the beachfront existence. It's a borrachudo, possibly known as a "no see'um" in English. Once upon a time, they were only present in Ilha Bela, the large heavily wooded island off the coastline here, but now they have made their way to lovely Guaecá. 

According to my friends at wikipedia, these guys can fly over 20 kilometers a day so the channel crossing was easy times. Now every day at dawn and dusk we are slapping our ankles which they absolutely love and dealing with the painful, then itchy bite. The bug seems to just scoff at ordinary OFF so this year I brought the big guns of REI Jungle Juice from the US. They still seem to find a way through. 

Not my ankle. Photo credit to

You can usually tell the visitors to the São Paulo coastline by looking at their ankles--the photo above illustrates one unlucky and possibly un-OFFed tourist. It is by far my least favorite part of beachfront living.

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