Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Who's undulating? Why, it's Rio of course - Rio de Janeiro

Most Americans know of regional differences in vocabulary in the US.  There are people who say "lightning bugs", those who say "fireflies"and some avoid them altogether.  Chicagoans drink "pop" while New Englanders have "soda." In Connecticut, we had "speed bumps"--not sure if other regions have other vocabulary words for those axle-breakers...anyone?  

In São Paulo, speed bumps are "lombadas". Yes, it always makes me think of a Cuban dance. Or is that Puerto Rican? Or have I insulted some other country? Whatever. In Rio, as I just discovered, they are called "ondulações" or undulations. I LOVE IT. That is perfect for a city where everything--sidewalk and water and speed bumps undulate. 

Undulating sidewalk - Praia da Urca
BH claims there is a region in Brazil where they call a speed bump  "the mayor's wife's butt"  because everyone slows down to look at it. Hmmm. I'm going to need a corroborating witness on that one.

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