Tuesday, April 22, 2014

May I help you? - Rio de Janeiro

Here is the insane robot who attacks innocent tourists at Santos Dumont Airport. We saw her first all alone down the arrivals corridor. She kept displaying her screen and spinning around, imploring in her robot voice to help someone.

I started to laugh out loud when she literally chased one tourist who probably spoke back to her. He finally turned to her and she gratefully ran over his toes with her robot wheels. He pressed some buttons, got frustrated and then left. So of course I and the twins had to take a look.

She had all kinds of helpful info on the airport and tourism. Or it would have been helpful if her touch screen worked. The only touch that worked was taking a selfie so we did. One twin took three selfies. He pretty much chased the robot until she took his photo. 

Love technology but that robot was ridiculous. And defeats the whole loving-Brazil thing. When we visited South Africa for the world cup, there were friendly South Africans with all the tourist info and a lot more personality than a robot. And they didn't run over our toes even once. What is Rio thinking? You have awesome cariocas (people from Rio)--ban the robot!

By the way, our photos are now on facebook in the Future Robot page for April 17. Try not to tag me: I have to try to live that down.

Here's one of my sons waiting to pounce on a selfie opportunity

Careful of your toes!!

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