Thursday, April 17, 2014

Chicky's Mom - São Paulo

So yesterday I posted a photo of a little chicky that I noted on a busy street in São Paulo. BH's cousin happened to read my blog (apparently someone actually does, besides my mom)  and tagged a friend of hers who happens to be the artist. 

That is cool. São Paulo is cool. It is a verrrrrry small town. I know you all think I'm off my rocker when this city has somewhere over 11 million residents (depends on who you talk to and where you draw your borders and legal vs illegal residences) but it is very small.  It is what I would call three degrees of separation. 

So anyway, the artist Arnaldo Degasperi commented on the facebook page for Brazil in My Eyes and said "yes, that chicky is a survivor." I don't know exactly what that means--are people killing graffiti chickens? Are there laws about that? I don't know but I am completely charmed by this series. Looking at some of his work on flickr, I've decided I want a huge mural of farm animals and my dog Caju on my 20 foot high back wall. If I weren't trying to sell this out!

If you want to take a class with Mr. Degasperi, see here

Fun stuff.

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