Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Chicky - São Paulo

I noticed this little chicky as we stopped along Avenida Juscelino Kubischeck (oh, heck I can't spell it; I always just call it "Jota Kah" or "JK". It was right in front of a huge corporate tower and I thought to myself why? Of all the things or words one could graffiti on a telephone pole, why a cute little yellow chick with purple wings? I have no answer.

Tomorrow morning we take off early for five days in Rio de Janeiro. For all you bad guys out there, I'll have you know that I have all security systems activated. Including the tripwire electric shocks (I had better warn my labradors who knowing them will probably like the zappies). I haven't spent any real time in Rio since getting married there in April 2002. Yes, BH and I celebrate 12 years of marriage on Sunday, along with yellow peep day known as Easter.

I'll be posting from Rio if my cell company allows. Three weeks to go now on daily posts...

Happy Easter!

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