Saturday, April 26, 2014

Stick a fork in me, I'm done - São Paulo

Non-Brazilians (and wishfully non-Americans) eating pizza with knife and fork

So I can almost get over the penchant of Brazilians to eat pizza with a fork and knife. The pizza crusts here are thin and can be droopy so it makes some sense. On the other hand, being American means I still like to pick up my pizza slice unless there are Brazilian witnesses present. 

But today at the local padaria (bakery), I caught a man cutting a hot dog in a bun with fork and knife! Yes, little tiny slices of dog plus bun on a fork. I strongly believe that this is wrong, people. Why do you think it's in a bun and not on the plate!! Hello!!

If it's good enough for the leaders of the free world, it's good enough for you. By the way, I am just kidding about that previous sentence.

BH witnessed the cutting of the hot dog and bun so this is all true.


  1. My wife and kids aren't fond of eating chicken (with the bone) using knife and fork, having lived in the U.S. for 9 years. We eat with our hands at home. :-)

    BTW, I'm sure you've seen commentary from The Daily Show on the NYC pizza situation:

  2. Hahahhaha! I had never seen the Daily Show take on it. Love it! Yeah, and I totally agree on the chicken...

  3. Kris, you're more strict even than Hedly Lamar!