Friday, April 4, 2014

Country roads - Weston, Massachusetts

It's really hard to spell Massachusetts. I have never noticed before trying to find a house here. It seems to want another "s". In any case, as you can tell from my short blogs, I am running around like a chicken from one end of Boston to another to try to find the perfect house. Well, I was running until around 5 pm yesterday. Then the country road traffic got me.

One of the favorite complaints of the expatriate in São Paulo is how bad the traffic is. Guess what? It's bad everywhere. This is the view from the front of the rental car (sorry, no time to edit out my finger in the shot) as I try to get to northern Weston from Waltham. Stop and go traffic, one lane. What's the deal? A badly planned left turn stops up traffic for almost two miles. Traffic is, as they say, everywhere.

On the bright side, the views are nice in Weston.

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