Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bring back Waka Waka - São Paulo

And they didn't even record the video for this big hot mess in Brazil. Nope, little Brazil. Miami

Okay, I admit that I love the theme song for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Even without the fantastic video, the song is just upbeat and fun and the refrain of "This time for Africa" is just the best. Now you add to it the simply charming and enticing Shakira, plus videos of different football stars and huge moments from the 2006 Cup and you have a winner. Here is the link and the video in all its glory: I dare you to hate it.

I admit that I was somewhat skeptical about the FIFA theme song for the Brazil World Cup when it was announced that Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte had been chosen to do the song together. The fact that Pitbull is Cuban-American, J-Lo Puerto Rican and Claudia Brazilian didn't scare me. It's the fact that they have absolutely nothing in common and two of the three don't seem to care much about anything but celebrity appearances. You guess the two.  One avoids visiting Brazil whenever possible--she will come to paid appearances and leave to the minute of her commitment.

How they chose Claudia Leitte over Ivete Sangalo, I will never know. How they chose a rapper to do the Brazil theme song, I will never know. When has Brazil been known for rap exactly? Right. 

So, that announcement was several months ago. As of Monday night, FIFA released the new song, though the accompanying video was not released so I assume things might get better if we see these three wiggling their butts around everywhere. Or not. I'll have to wait anxiously for that answer. 

Quite simply, the song is horrendous. Rapping and whistling, no charm, not a Brazilian beat of drums, or anything. It has nothing to do with Brazil. Nothing. It's boring, repetitive and infinitely forgettable.  I think I might hate it, and I don't hate many things. Want to see what I mean? Here goes the link and video:

I am boycotting. No, not the Cup which I am actually attending (one game). I am boycotting this song. I am going to forget it exists. I am going to play either Shakira or Coke's song which is not half bad (see here).  I can even live with the occasional displays of Coke bottles.  It has Brazilian drums, happy lyrics, everything you need...right?

In the end, who cares about the theme song? Well, actually I do.


  1. I agree with you - the song is horrible :( But I wonder what happened to that supersong contest they had? I thought Ricky Martin chose the song and was about to sing it. The finalist from that contest was pretty good I thought..

    1. Hmm, I knew nothing about that contest. I'm going to look it up, thanks!