Friday, July 26, 2013

The Waiting Game - São Paulo International Airport

Here is an image many of us have seen countless times in our lives. The baggage carrousel. In this case, it is at Guarulhos, São Paulo's International Airport. For 45 minutes this morning, I waited with my extremely patient 6-year old boys (beware of sarcasm) for the molasses-blooded airport workers to unload the bags from our 777 from Chicago. The carrousel fits roughly 50 people around it, and the 777 carries around 270 people (and was completely chock-a-block) so it was every woman for herself.  I do apologize to the small woman I pretty much sucker punched with the duffel bag but frankly, she was in my way.

My favorite moment is when the workers put a bicycle box onto the belt and it got stuck around the corner inside these curtains. Then two guys crawled in after it, promptly got caught in the carrousel when it unexpectedly and violently started up again, and made a not-so-elegant exit. I guess they learned their lesson because afterwards a giant Jeep (those ride-on things for kids) showed up--that ginormous box exited through a double door behind the carrousel.

Can't wait to see how this airport handles the World Cup. Beware of sarcasm.

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