Sunday, July 28, 2013

Night Vision - Campo Limpo Paulista

This is the view out the front windshield as we drive the 3 hour trip to our rented country house in Joanopolis. This is Friday night around 6:30 pm and we've just passed by the heavy (seriously, there are some big trucks out on a Friday night) traffic in the rotary (or round-about, depending where you are from) in Campo Limpo Paulista, population 74,000--that's the town population. Rotary population is around 23,000 on a Friday night.

About 10 minutes past this craziness, the lights go out around you and you feel like you are on the road to the end of the world. I personally hate traveling to the country house at night because I don't like to think about how long it would take for help to come if the car were to break down. With two 6-year old kids and 2 senior labradors stuffed in with groceries for the weekend. Well, at least we'd have the veggies for the barbecue to eat.

But it was no problem...and the weekend was quite delicious.

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