Saturday, July 27, 2013

Leaving the American sector - Douglas Michigan and São Paulo

I finally found a sign that conveys how I feel upon landing in São Paulo after five weeks in the US. As soon as those United Airlines doors open and I say goodbye to the all-American crew, it is deep dive. A race to the immigration line, a general feeling of malaise getting my passport stamped, and then the battle for luggage. I can't explain it--it just feels different from the USA. Primarily because no one is so friendly as the midwest. No one. No one says to me "welcome home" as they do in the US (I am a permanent resident here so I would think I would get a welcome home...).

Customs is the usual potshot of whether or not you will be stopped. I wasn't, in spite of 5 large bags and two small kids. Then we leave out the double doors to the chaos of the waiting area. Taxis and other drivers, family, carts, craziness. Luckily I have a greeter in the middle of it--my husband who I have not seen for two weeks. If I didn't, I might try to get back into the American sector.

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