Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Service Plaza - Joanópolis

Here's the cheese shop we pass on our way back from the country house. As you can see, we are already on the main asphalted road...though as you can also see, it is pockmarked by the same goat-eating potholes as the dirt road. This small shop is a fairly recent addition on to our trip--I think it opened up around 4 years ago. And we never quite know when it will be open--some weekdays it is closed and some Sundays it is open. My son Nicolas starts clamoring to stop there for cheese when we near it from a mile in any direction.

On this particular day, we had two boys napping and didn't stop on our way to São Paulo. Usually we get some of the buffalo milk mozzarella and occasionally a coalhada (a sort of sour cream). There are some other cheeses there as well but my Brazilian husband is quite snobbish about cheese so they have not been deemed acceptable.

Note the Fusca or VW Beetle in the parking area. I swear those things are indestructible. There is also a public telephone called an orelhão or big ear (in yellow).

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