Friday, July 19, 2013

Are you sailing in my tap water? - São Paulo

This is a shot of the Guarapiranga Reservoir in São Paulo...and of my husband sailing away with my kids just before a tricky breeze caused them to all dump out into the water. My kids have not wanted to go sailing since. Not a surprise. However, this is not my point.  In the distance you can see the skyline of São Paulo, and of course the lovely layer of pollution that frequently accompanies it.

Guarapiranga Reservoir was built in 1906 for energy generation but is now used as drinking water (and place to dump twins out of boats). I don't mind the sailboats and people in it, but I do mind the jetskis and motor boats that also add their juices to the water.

It is a beautiful place with many yacht (pronounced "yah-chee" in Portuguese) and country clubs around it. Still, if you mention it to my kids, they immediately say "I don't want to sail!" And so we don't.

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