Saturday, July 13, 2013

Superheroes - São Paulo

Twice a year the kids' swim academy puts on an event to show off the swim skills. There is always a theme--pirates or Carnaval or Olympics. This time it's super heroes and there is a scrawny Superman, a definitely cold Wonder Woman and teenage Spideman wandering about. And during breaks they play the Star Wars music which is pushing it a bit on the superheroes thing.

At the end of a short demonstration of crawl stroke, back stroke and 'submarine', the kids all get a medal. And then there is a 'pula-pula' (jump-jump or trampoline)  and more activities outside. 

Starting July 5, I am on vacation in San Francisco, California and my posts are pre-scheduled and short photo and captions. See you back on July 15!

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