Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sai Dilma - Ribeirão Preto

Less-than-a-fan has some words for La Presidenta.
This sign reads "Get out, Dilma" (referring to the president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, who is always referred to "Dilma" within the country. And always "Rousseff" outside). 

"Okay, well I'll just go now," said no Brazilian politician ever.  Two days ago a politician who had been condemned to prison was allowed by a judge to keep his place in congress. I'm not sure how that works. Can you actually vote from your cell? Not sure.

Won't be the first and won't be the last to be told to get out. Won't be the first and won't be the last to stay. Some day I'll write about Paulo Maluf, the come-back corruption king. But it's not for a Sunday.


  1. The representative was allowed to keep his title by his mates. After the vote that would expel him, he was put on unpaid leave. He can't vote and returned to his cell.

    1. I'm not even sure what to do with that news (though I really appreciate the clarification). As in, how can you still be a representative in Congress if you are in prison? It's bizarre.