Saturday, September 7, 2013

Weighty matters - World Cup

Cafu. Possibly the cutest World Cup winning captain ever.

A friend  made me aware of an interesting new category for discounted tickets at the World Cup (did you know Brazil is hosting one? Yes, we are. Americans, I am talking about soccer, not sailing). 

For "regular" seats, top level, you are going to be paying R$350 (US$148) for your seat. For the lower levels, you are paying R$180 (US$76 ) and if you want to go to the stadium but actually see nothing at all of the game from your nosebleed or behind-a-pole seat, you pay R$60 (US$25).

And in the categories of folks with special needs, you will pay R$180 if you need wheelchair access, disabled access, or if you are obese. How will they know? You have to prove it. You cannot be merely overweight. You will need a medical certificate signed by a medical professional which states that your BMI (Body Mass Index) is over 30 kg/m2.

I do agree with the people who need special treatment to have that available. But I am not sure that obesity merits discounted tickets. I think about my airline experiences when I have to sit next to someone who does not fit into the albeit-tiny seats. I don't think my space should cost the same, because it is not the same. Mine is smaller. So, why would someone larger pay less for their seat than I do? Folks, I am not making a value judgement on the obese--I just don't understand the special treatment there. If someone wants to explain to me the reasoning, I am all ears.

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