Sunday, September 8, 2013

What is with these napkins? - Piracicaba

Okay, I am going to come right out with Brazil's dirty little secret: It has the WORST napkins ever created. Yeah, so it's a generality to say this, but hear me out. This little napkin dispenser was on my table at a most excellent restaurant called O Remador in Piracicaba. We are eating a real lunch (as in not hot dogs) and we are drinking really nice cold beer. I think I need a refill at the moment. 

These oily little papers are not napkins, Brazil. They only serve to wipe the food from your lips across your cheeks to your ear. They feel terrible, act terrible and I hate them. I try not talk hate on my blog but I do really hate these. Or as Brazilians say in such a wonderful drawn-out way "Eu odeio"...with emphasis like this "Eu OH-Day-OHHHHHHH".

There is no reason for a country with eucalyptus tree plantations one hour from the city to have bad napkins. Where is Avery-Dennison? Who are the other napkin guys? Come in here right now and take over the oily napkin guys. 


  1. OMG...I almost cried when reading this post. I totally agree!! Not only napkins but paper towels too. And, especially those towels in public bathrooms where they always have a sign about using two only. You need at least a dozen!! Yet, they use the most beautiful napkins in their arts and crafts. go figure!!

    1. They are completely's one thing to have them in the roadside "joints" but the restaurant we were eating at had a very nice menu, garden, everything...except napkins! What is the deal? :)

    2. I had a post on the same topic a couple years ago. As much as I can figure these days is that the napkins are meant less for cleaning hands and more for holding the greasy food you get at the road side places... (?)

    3. I would agree with you, BAB except for two things. 1. McDonald's is head of the greasilandia business yet has real napkins. 2. I was not in a roadside place at this point. I was in a very nice restaurant!!