Thursday, September 26, 2013

Can you fit it with a smaller font? - São Paulo

Quick, find the logo of the actual team! No, not the Dutch girl
Okay, so returning to one of my favorite, football, futebol, etc. The beautiful game. And once you love the beautiful game, you must buy a beautiful shirt. That will set you back almost R$130 for an official shirt, less for a knock-off. And you had better be getting this year's version--you can tell best by who the sponsor is on the shirt.

The shirt so full of advertising messages, they can't actually fit in the player's name. And really, they are all just numbers to me, and a changing number at that. But I am repeating myself.

As you know futebol does not have television time outs. No $500K per 30 seconds spots. I am sorry for football...except that they have figured out a solution. The football shirt. Some so filled with sponsors names I have no idea if there is actually a team emblem on there or not. The most successful at this is Corinthians, beating out the team (Flamengo) with the most fans of any team in Brazil. They gain R$74 million (US$34 million) per year in sponsorship of their shirts. How do they do it? Let's look:

Ummm, these sponsors are a joke but hard to explain to non-Brazilians...
First of all, the principal sponsor of the shirt is Caixa. That costs $30 million reais but you are front and center for every shot on goal. Sleeves are worth $12 million ($3 million more than the hem. Who knew?). Ah, you want your name with the player number, that is going to cost you $2 million. And it's your shirt material (Nike)? $30 million over 10 years.

Are there any other sports that do this? Car racing jumpsuits, right? Anything else? Strange stuff. In My Eyes.

PS> I know football teams worldwide do this...I am not picking on Brazil....much...


  1. I think Nascar is the worst offender...I'm told they have numbers on their jumpsuits and cars, but I'll be damned if you could see them in between the logo for every corporation on earth!

    1. I am quite happy to say that I have never seen a Nascar race in my life. But that was my guess that car racing even worked the jumpsuits!