Saturday, August 31, 2013

Where's the "play" in playground? - São Paulo

This sad little wooden slide belongs to the playground in the small square around the corner from my kids' school. There are also some monkey bars, a swingset and a teeter-totter. All look beat-up and old--though the playground is only a few months old. I have never seen any children here, except for my own, and only because I told them I thought we should check it out.  The gravel on the ground is a major turn-off, though my kids enjoyed pelting the swingset with the pebbles (until stopped, of course, by their crabby mom). 

The tiny playground is surrounded by an ugly chainlink fence with a bolted (though unlocked) gate. It is the most uninviting place in the world, inside what is a quite pleasant tree-filled square. Someone please adopt this square. Crochet bright colors into its fence.  Paint the toys. Do something.

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