Thursday, August 1, 2013

Brazilian Automation and Boobs - São Paulo

Okay, I admit this photo is terrible. I am leaving the Walmart parking lot and I am fearful of being told (again) by a security guard that I am not allowed to take photos. Of course, once I am in my car I can safely say "bring it on, security dude" since I am bulletproof. Turns out my tires are not. But that's another story.

You can just barely tell there is a man there in front of the pick-up truck. By the way, I want a little pick-up truck. I have no reason for one, but I want one. Maybe when the kids get rowdy, I can stick them back there to enjoy Brazilian street life. Anyway. The man in red is getting the validated electronic tickets from each person and inserting them into the automated machine so the gate will lift.  I am very mystified as to how this is automation. The machine is working fine. So is the man. One does not need to be there.

Most parking lots in São Paulo are "secured" with a ticket issued that you have to validate in the store. Or, in the case of shopping malls, there is no way to validate the ticket, but you pay up to $10US to "enjoy" the benefit of spending all your money on imported goods and "besteiras" (beastlies, or unneeded things). Wait, I just fed "besteira" into google translate and got "boob." Please hire real translators if you want to do business here. Dang.

Bet you were wondering how I was going to get to that blog title. Wonder no more.

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