Saturday, August 17, 2013

My 100th post! Patience - São Paulo

Stalking the pool cleaner: British Cultural Center

Here goes: post number 100 of my blog. Not all of them have been good, I admit, but let's go with the majority have been readable. That means 265 posts to go to fulfill my goal of a year of daily posts.

The above photo is from one of my favorite scenes ever witnessed in São Paulo. And it's from just a couple of days ago. The building behind the cat is the Brazilian British Center in Pinheiros--a place for events, exhibitions, an English language library and restaurant (thankfully Brazilian not British food). Also a pub called the Queen's Head. As I was walking past on my way to the kids' school, I caught this scene, or at least part of it.

The reflecting pool - minus the worker.

Off camera, there is a worker in fisherman wading gear with a skimmer and a broom. He is inside the huge front reflecting pool of the building--the water is pretty much up to his waist so it's pretty deep or he's pretty short. One of my failings as a blogger is that I am shy. The worker was looking right at me so I didn't take his photo--I really really wish I had. 

Anyway, this cat had positioned him or herself about 12 feet away and seems to be hopeful that the worker will pop out a fish for breakfast. I was there about five minutes and she made not a single move except a tiny swish-swish of the end of her tail. This is not a street cat--Patience, as I will call her-- was very chubby, very shiny, and wearing a collar. I wonder if she belongs to the BBC (that's not the network). She made my day.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. An explanation to you on why POIS NÃO means people are asking how they can help you. Basically it comes from:

    - Você me faz esse favor?

    - Pois não haverei de fazer?

  2. Interesting...pois não is definitely a good shortcut for haverei, etc etc!!