Monday, March 31, 2014

Indian food and birthday parties - Alphaville

Homemade Indian food...and cold beer!

This weekend I took the kids to the birthday party of one of their friends from school. We really do have quite a diverse population in the school, and this child is Indian. While I won't publish his name, he has a most unusual one, which gets pronounced in a funny way by the Brazilians (who love to add "y"s to the end of words like "Picky-nicky" for picnic).

In any case, it was the kind of kids' party that I will miss. The kids were gone from the second they entered--I saw them two hours later, sweaty and happy from bouncing and kicking and playing air hockey. The food was beyond outstanding--the mom had made the Indian food herself--chicken curry, some pea dish where I discovered that the long green thing was not okra but in fact a large pepper (fortunately there was lots of cold beer to the rescue) and a tofu/tomato dish. 

Bellying up to the hot dog and popcorn bar
There was a large group of traditionally-dressed Indians there--I would not say that we mixed at all though they were friendly. So we sat at our mom table and the dads sat at their outside table and talked about whatever we talk about. Beer and pop came to our table, whiskey and beer to theirs. This is a Brazilian custom that I won't miss terribly. Men on one side, and women on the other. Ah well, I don't care to talk about football that much anyway.

We were literally the last people to leave about five hours later. They were taking down and popping balloons, clearing the table and pretty much escorting us to the door. I think the birthday boy's mom breathed a deep sigh of relief. 


I will be traveling the week of March 31 and posts may be later or shorter than usual. Still counts for the year of daily posts! ;)

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