Sunday, March 23, 2014

40 days - São Paulo

The sun going down on the São Paulo coast...and Brazil in My Eyes
As it says in my description somewhere, I started this blog on Mother's Day 2013. The plan was to have daily posts on my life in Brazil for one year. And every day, there has been a post--good posts and bad posts, but a daily post, yes.

Yesterday I realized that there are 40 days to go. Yesterday I also realized that I have four months to go in this country that has been my home for 6 years (9 total with three years here in 1998-2001). While I am looking forward to the next phase in life, I am filled with sadness and a sense of unfinished business here in Brazil. No, that does not mean I have another year left in me here (nice try, BH). It's time to go.

As I start to wind up operations here, my blog will probably fall off daily posts (after Mother's Day 2014). There is simply too much to do to sit in front of my computer every morning, selfishly spending time with me and my relationship with Brazil. I will still post, of course, because who can resist reporting on the upcoming World Cup? And the small steps that are turning into the big steps of departure.

I thank all of you who have come along for the ride. While I don't see many comments here on the blog, I see more on the facebook page, and people will send me separate email if they know me personally or tell me at a party how much they liked (or disagreed) with this or that post. In the end, most of what I say is fluff--I am not capable of political analysis of this place nor economic. I see what I see. 

Let's run hard these next 40 days, okay?  Come on along!

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