Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Caja-manga - Ribeirão Preto

This photo is of one of my kids picking up ripe caja-manga from the ground at his grandma's ranch. In the end, none of the caja-manga was edible--it was already attacked by the little beasties of the ground. 

Caja-manga is one of the many fruits I have met here in Brazil. It looks a lot like a mango, but I personally like the taste of the mango better. It goes by many names: taperebazeiro, macucu, cajá, cajazeira, cajá-mirim, cajamanga, cajá-manga, taperebá, tamacoaré, tamaquaré-serrado, cajazeiro tapiribá, acaiamiri, acaíba, cajá-pequeno, cajá-miúdo (source here).

Photo credit: http://aryansantosaryel.blogspot.com.br/2011/05/fruto-do-caja-manga.html

It does seem to cure most ills. As I read from the source above, I see that it can help with the following:  fevers, constipation, stomach aches, postpartum pain, certain eye and larynx problems, and the pulp can sometimes cure cystitis. Some even believe that if you burn it, the smoke will cure ulcers or other "injuries."

It's quite a fruit.

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