Saturday, March 15, 2014

Go lay an egg - Ribeirão Preto

This is a photo of the egg-laying area for the chickens at BH's family farm in Ribeirão Preto. There are no chickens there currently because there was a "matança" (killing) that involved a dog and a snake.  The chickens that lived there are no more, though there are now some chicklets in the small barn behind these boxes.

I used to love seeing the fat chickens all tucked up into these boxes. No factory line of metal cages and eggs rolling onto moving sidewalks. You can see beyond these boxes there is a large open area where the chickens were more than free-range. They were basically free. Until a snake ate some. And a stray dog killed some others. 

The new chicks with their warming lightbulb. Cute, no?

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