Monday, November 11, 2013

Things that wouldn't cut it in the US - Såo Paulo

This is a sign up at the local community center. It's a notice about becoming part of the Guarda Civil Metropolitana which is maybe like the National Guard, except its for the city and really they only watch out for "patrimonial" stuff like schools and statues and so on.  Personally I find the salary of R$1377 a month a little on the light side ($595USD a month to get shot at. Umm, no).  

But that's not what drew my eye. It was something two lines below, and unfortunately it is blurry in this smartphone shot. It says they have jobs for 1400 men and 600 women. Ummm, could we do that in the US? Do we say that we have spaces for 1400 men in our police forces and 600 women? I don't think we can do that...I think that might be called discrimination...but I'll let someone tell me if this would cut it or no. 

I think not.

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