Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lock those bad books up! - São Paulo

Last week one of my sons had a football (soccer) game at the club and the other one did not. The son who did not have a soccer game wanted to go to the club's library and read a book instead. It was a Sunday at 3 pm.  The library was completely deserted, and when we got to the big case holding the children's books, it was locked. With no one around who could unlock it.  

We stood there for a few minutes flabbergasted until one of the club's tech guys came by and said "hey! do you want to watch the movie?" We went into the club's cinema and there was not a single soul yet they played the movie just for us. 

What's the deal with locking up kids' books? If we are worried that they are going to get stolen, we have a different problem at the club. Education.