Saturday, November 23, 2013

Pull up a chair - São Paulo

This photo (sorry, it's dark, I know) shows my friend's briefcase pulled up to the dining table next to us. Here in Brazil, a separate chair is almost always pulled up by a waiter for you to put your purse or briefcase on. 

Why is that? Mostly likely a superstition or belief that if you put your money on the ground, it will run out the door. This is a belief also found in Feng Shui. All I know is that people will come running if you put a purse on the ground at your feet. Even in a Brazilian home, you will find your hosts not allowing briefcases and purses on the ground--they will always move it to an elevated surface.

Pull up a chair, Mr. Briefcase.


  1. There probably is some superstition as well but it's main a matter of hygiene. Bags don't go on the floor for the same reason shoes don't go on the table or sofa.

    1. True enough. I guess us Americans just have a poorer sense of hygiene cause I usually chuck my bag on the floor at a friend's house.

    2. I don't mind it at home. What bugs me is when other people do that in the tube/subway. Even then, the hygiene issue is really their problem. My beef is that they never get their s**t out of the way quickly enough when the doors open and everyone else wants to get off.