Friday, October 4, 2013

Radio silence...or not - São Paulo

This car in front of me (the red one) has a huge speaker mounted on top and it is playing the same recording over and over again. Loudly. I thought this was deemed illegal due to noise reduction laws here in São Paulo but this guy was not too worried. 

His message was about the current bank branch strike. "Bancarios estão em greve para tempo indeterminado. ...contra os banqueiros." Translating loosely "Bank workers are on strike for an indefinite period. [We are acting] against the bankers." I'm assuming bancarios are the ones working in the branch, and the bankers are the guys in corporate. 

I'm just happy I wasn't stuck in traffic too long.

From October 4 through October 13, I will not have access to internet. All blog posts for these dates are “pre-recorded” and I will not be able to respond to any comments until October 14.

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