Thursday, October 3, 2013

Nicknames - São Paulo

I know I've talked about nicknames before. How Eduardo becomes "Dudu" or "Dado". How Arthur can become "Tuti". Carlos Henrique becomes "Caique" But I have to draw the line on my gardener's nickname. Would you rather be called Lindomar (Beautiful ocean) or Doca?



  1. Beautiful ocean notwithstanding, I think a lot of Brazilians would agree that Doca sounds cooler and Lindomar sounds a bit plain. Then again, there was a famous murderer in the 70's whose nickname was Doca...

  2. Doca sounds like a department of something to me. Department of Crass Acts. No, just kidding, you Docas out there, please don't kill me. Did they find this Doca the murderer? Just curious... was his real name Lindomar? All things I should know. When I get back on line later in October I need to talk about the gardener Agamenon (sic) who just left his card here too. Also I met a Lindon (sic again) B Johnson Costa last year. Loved that one.

  3. I hear the murderer from the 70s reinvented himself and is now gardening under a beautifully crafted alias.

    In other news, my husband comes home once a year cracking up at a new name he saw at work. Abraham Lincoln da Silva was the most recent. Love it. lol

    1. LOL!! Yes, I am very suspecty now.

      What's the best on some of these American ones are the Brazilian pronunciations..."Ah-brah-hammy" is probably how that one works out. Love it.