Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hey! I've seen you before! - São Paulo

Sidney Harris cartoon - The New Yorker magazine

Today I am having "já te vi" or "I've seen you before"  for lunch. What is that, exactly? Leftovers of course, and such a nice way to say it. 

Once I heard a comedy routine about how a food item would feel to be called a "leftover".  It made me feel very sorry for the food (sorry, I could not find a link to this). I think I'd rather have someone say "hey, I've seen you before" with a tone of voice like "yay! I am seeing you again!"  And, by the way, I do love leftovers.

Já te vi is one of my favorite Brazilian expressions but is not universally known. I learned it first from my in-laws who are from the interior of São Paulo state--maybe it's localized there. A few paulistana friends (from the city of São Paulo) have just laughed at my use of it. Something I have also seen before...people laughing at my Portuguese...


  1. Cool! That's the first time I hear "já te vi" also. If you add soy sauce you can turn it into "soborô" ("sobrou" but sounds Japanese).

    1. It must be a localized saying...the only people I know who know it are from the interior of Sao Paulo state...