Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fazendão - Paraibuna

Charge up the "comanda" - where you save all your purchases

My favorite stop on the way down to the beach on Rodovia Tamois is Fazendão (big ranch). It is a combination store, restaurant and doo-dad shop that is hard to beat. Also the bathrooms are fun with little plants growing in each stall (last time I was there the plants were looking a bit grim, but the idea is good).

When you walk in, you get this "card" made of plastic with a bar code. You charge all your purchases to this card--in the food shop, the coffee balcony, the sweets shop, the cheese shop and the best part, the sandwich grill. Here they make sandwiches like they mean it...barbecued sausage, pork, steak piled up on warmed French bread. Delicious! So delicious, I forgot to take a picture of it before I stuffed it in!

Bring your cash or checks because at Fazendão, they don't take credit cards of any kind.

Lining up at the grill (or not, okay we were early)

Cheese shop

Doo-dad shop

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