Thursday, May 1, 2014

International Worker's Day - São Paulo

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Today is the International Worker's Day holiday, a true joy and holiday for any socialist country. This one. I'm actually not in Brazil at the moment but in another South American country run by a nutball woman. I'm hoping and praying that any protests planned for this day are over quickly so I am not stuck at the end of the Earth for a week or more. I like snow but not that much. Yes, I know Boston has some. More than some usually. 

The weird thing about International Worker's Day (at least to me) is that it originated in the US. Yes, in Chicago, that wonderful union city. Now we celebrate our Labor Day in September for no apparent reason. Just to be different, I suppose. 

In Brazil, it is a national holiday. Last year there were a number of protests on this day. So far this year, I haven't heard of any but I expect there will be some. Or not--it's a four-day weekend for lots of folks so who wants to spend time away from the beach protesting? Not I. Or at least away from the snow.

Happy International Worker's Day, all!

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