Saturday, May 10, 2014

Brazil in My Eyes - São Paulo

So here it is, my last post of the year of living dangerously. The year of daily posts. In all, there are 372 posts as I posted twice once in a while (okay just a few times). There are 36,000 pageviews in this year, and not all of them are my mom. Yes, the US likes me best, then Brazil, then Germany and the UK. Surprisingly it is Russia, Poland and China right after that. Go figure. 

I am not ready yet to say goodbye to this blog and to this country. I will need a few days off, though they won't really be off since I have promised a blog post about World Cup security to the American Society here by next Wednesday.  I have too much to say to shut up now. Especially about the World Cup sticker album stuff, the last news of the toucan and my expatriation from my adopted country of Brazil. So, carry on if you will, and keep reading. I'll post any new blogs on the facebook page and the email subscriptions will also let you know the post is up.

I really do appreciate the comments that have come in from all over. Mostly positive, sometimes questioning, sometimes correcting. It is nice to have readers. I don't know why you all are here but I sure am glad you are. In particular, I would like to thank BH (Brazilian husband) who faithfully reads these posts every day as they come to his inbox. He infrequently corrects me here in "print" but I usually hear feedback offline. Mostly positive, unerringly supportive. If I could give him a t-shirt for being my #1 fan reader, I would. Maybe I'll try an Argentina soccer jersey instead.

Carry on.


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  1. It's a shame to see your blog come (mostly) to an end. Thanks for the great stories! I'm looking forward to your posts about adjusting back to life in the US.