Friday, February 21, 2014

Release the prisoners! - São Paulo

Remember the four flat tires we had about a month ago? Well, during one of these tire changes, the screw that holds the wheel onto the car disappeared. Actually there are five of these screws on the Volvo, and only one went missing which is why our wheel did not come off and spin off across the highway in the last week since we discovered it.

I dropped by a new Volvo dealer today and asked for the "parafuso" or screw that holds on the wheel. I was without the car so I had to show the guy more or less what I was talking about. He said "oh, the prisoneiro de roda" (the prisoner of the wheel). And I said "yes" which is always what I do when I have no idea what the car guys are talking about.

Here's the screw, and the "Prisoneiro" for R$30. What a bargain.

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