Wednesday, February 19, 2014

No little cars in football - São Paulo

Bad "carrinho" Credit:

My studies in Brazilian football are ongoing. Only four months to go until the Cup starts and I'm feeling quite stressed about knowing about what happens on the field. Yesterday afternoon I decided to study the Manchester City vs. Barcelona game. First of all, love those British fans all singing "Let It Be." That's cute. Are they going to do this here?

Anyway, I started watching during the second half and at one point Messi broke away towards the goal closely followed by a Man City guy named Demichelis. Now, as a fashion pointer for Demichelis, I would re-think the shaved sides/ponytail look. It makes you look like a thug. And then act like one too.

So Demichelis took a flying sliding leap at Messi from behind, with clearly no intention of getting the ball, but only wanting to take down Messi. Ponytail guy was flying through the air kung-fu style with his legs out in front of him and tripped Messi in a pretty ugly way. He was ejected 20 seconds later with a red card.

This is apparently known as a "carrinho violento" or violent little car. Oh, of course I am not supposed to translate that literally but there doesn't seem to be a good English translation. One site gave me "slide-tackle." 

I would really like to know where "carrinho" comes from, especially since there is also a good "carrinho" which is a "gol de carrinho" or little car goal. That's when you kung-fu the ball by throwing yourself towards the ground with your legs out in front of you...oh, heck I can't describe this. 

Good "carrinho" Credit:

I was going to put in a video here to explain the bad "carrinho" but I just watched two that made me sick...literally breaking the leg of an opponent. This move is bad news and is being treated very seriously now and is subject to immediate ejection of the offending player. It's got a cute name, but it can end a footballer's career.

Nasty game. Football (American) is so much nicer. Kidding, folks.


  1. It's a lot easier than it sounds. Honest.
    So yes, a carrinho is a slide-tackle. That's the move the player makes - regardless of what he comes into contact with.

    You can slide-tackle the ball which is totally legit, but if you slide-tackle a player, it's violent and not ok... hence the name "carrinho violento."
    Gol de carrinho just refers to the way the gol was kicked... he slide while scoring.
    Easy-Peasy, right?

    1. Okay, that's cool. But I do think there should be two different names. I don't like good carrinho and bad carrinho. When your kid comes home and says "I did a carrinho", do you clap or call your lawyer? :)

      Now why is it called "carrinho", oh soccer expert?

  2. Oh gosh, I'm nooooo expert! lol
    I just played as a kid and I loved to slide tackle. (balls, not players!)

    It's really is just like how we use "slide" in English. We use the same term "slide-tackling" for a hitting a player or for hitting a ball. It's the action of the person doing the sliding aimed at something.

    If you kid comes home and tells you "I did a carrinho today", I'd ask if he got the player or the ball. Just as I would if he came home saying "I did a slide-tackle today."
    You can slide around the field all day long, but it only matters what you hit.
    It's great if he stole a ball doing it... not great if he got carded out of the game and hurt another player!

    WHY is it called carrinho? ...I have no clue!!
    And Adu (AKA: the soccer FANATIC in the house) is not home to ask.
    What does BH say?

    1. Ha! BH typed around for a little while on his four thousand soccer apps...really he and Adu should get a group discount on therapy for soccer lunatics....and said..."ummm, I don't know."

  3. hmmm... Adu doesn't have any soccer apps... let's keep that one on the down-low!