Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Which one leaves more? - São Paulo

The menu board at Dona Onça

One of my favorite weekend lunch places in all of São Paulo is the Bar da Dona Onça. It is the ground floor of the Oscar Niemeyer designed Copan Building (watch out for falling concrete) and you'd better get there before 1 pm if you want a table. It's small, fairly loud (not for first dates, methinks) and decorated with all kinds of onça (jaguar) footprints and photos--the huge black and white photos on the walls each have a small jaguar hidden a la Where's Waldo? on them.

My favorite item is of course the caipirinha. Unable to decide between six named choices, I asked the waitress "qual que mais sai?" which means literally "which one leaves more?" Or which one is the most ordered. In this case it is the Dona Onça which was tangerine and passionfruit juice with cachaça. Yummy.

In my defense, I did not drink them both. Mom had the lime one.

BH ordered a risotto, my dad a pasta ragu, and my mom and I and the twins divided a bunch of appetizers. One exciting moment came when the waiter brought finger bowls for the kids and they were almost sucked down too. Everyone went home happy. 


You can find Dona Onça here.

The beer fridge

Say, did this building curve before I drank the caipirinha? Ah, yes. It did.


  1. The twins "divided" a bunch of appetizers? Is that the Brazilian in you speaking out? :-)

    1. OMG! My English is crap! It is a good thing I have an editor in England to fix all of these bad translations. LOL! Thanks. And I laughed at my kids saying "stop imitating me" instead of "stop copying me"...must go apologize! ;)

  2. Those little things just creep up on us. I know I use plenty of Britishisms without really meaning to. You just get used to them and over time the line slowly blurs.