Sunday, January 19, 2014

A view to a thrill - São Paulo

For some reason, this view of São Paulo makes me happy. It's one I rarely see because it is an avenue filled with traffic and one I avoid as much as I can. During these days of Brazilian summer, with half the city at the beach, I can once again head up tree-lined, beautiful Avenida Rebouças.

In this photo, we are almost at Avenida Paulista, probably the most famous large road in São Paulo. Famous for the TV towers like the one in this photo. Famous for never having traffic as light as it was this day, a Sunday in January. 

Unfortunately, everyone is on their way back into the city in the next week. Most schools start this week or next week. Usually they start in early February, but because the World Cup will cut the school year short, our kids' school will start January 28. 

See you in July, Avenida Rebouças, when the traffic hopefully becomes light again. 

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