Saturday, January 18, 2014

And now for my next trick - São Paulo

Museu Ipiranga

BH sent on to me this article that shows that São Paulo state (not city only) museums had 33 million visitors in 2013. That's a bunch considering there are 41 million people in São Paulo state, and I'm guessing most of these folks have never entered a museum.
After a recent trip around São Paulo's downtown region, one that I don't know well, I started to realize how few of São Paulo city's museums I have actually visited. There are museums everywhere--house museums, culture, arts, history. So, as I know myself and that I will only do something if there is a challenge in it (hence me running a half marathon two years ago to make myself actually train), I have begun my museum challenge.

It goes like this. I am going to hunt down and visit every museum in São Paulo city I have never visited (nope, no Alphaville Cultural Museum or Santos whatever, thank you. City only) by August 2014. Of course, they need to not be under renovation and closed for months--I plan to stay within the law (yeah, my brother's best friend once jumped the Acropolis wall in Athens to get that checked off--turns out there ARE guard dogs at midnight and they do like the taste of Americans). Also the museums have to be public, not private. 

Now, I'm going to need some help from any of you out there who know any obscure museums that I might not know of. Here is my list of targets (House of Roses was added yesterday--who knew??) with a note beside any already visited.

Museums in São Paulo city: (if I blogged it, the link is there)

Catavento (visited, blogged)
Estação Ciencias (visited, and a good thing as it seems to be closed semi-permanently)
Estação Pinacoteca (visited)
Fundação Maria e Oscar Americano (private, but visited)
Instituto Butantan (visited and blogged. Frankly I pretty much own it)
Jardim Botanico (arguable. But I have visited)
Museu Afro Brasil (visited)
Museu de Anatomia Veterinaria at USP (visited, and blogged, and that place is WEIRD)
Museu de Arte São Paulo - MASP (visited)
Museu de Arte Moderna - MAM (visited)
Museu de Casa Brasileira (visited)
Museu de Futebol (visited. Kid almost thrown out for saying Messi best player ever)
Museu de Lingua Portuguesa  (visited)
Museum Oceanográfico USP (visited and blogged, same as the Vet museum)

Now the up and comers:

Acervo Palacio das Bandeirantes (temporarily closed...let's see...)
Casa Guilherme de Almeida
Casa das Rosas
Fundação Ema Klabin (private, but I'm dying to go anyway)
Instituto Moreira Salles (private, but like what's going on. Think I'll go)
Memorial da America Latina (hmmm, let's see if it recovers from the fire in November)
Museu Anchieta (private, but looks fun)
Museu da Imagem e do Som - MIS
Museu de Imigração do Estado de São Paulo (temporarily closed for renovation. Let's see)
Museu Brasileiro de Escultura (MuBE) - (private, still going)
Museu da Policia Civil do Estado de São Paulo - did you even THINK I could resist?
Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia da USP 
Museu de Arte Contemporanea da USP - MAC/SP
Museu de Arte Sacre de São Paulo 
Museu de Geociencias de USP (IGC-USP)
Museu de Policia Militar do Estado de São Paulo - yep, I need to go.
Museu de Zoologia de USP - Closed for renovation. Theoretically opens in 2014
Museu Geologico Valdemar Lefevre - Mugeo
Museu Historico de Imigração Japonesa (private but I'm going)
Museu Ipiranga (closed for renovation, no end in sight)

I missed the following (closed for renovation past August 2014):

Museu Lasar Segall

Which ones am I missing?


  1. That's a pretty good list. I couldn't think of any you hadn't already listed but I guess there might be some more in the Cidade Universitaria. So I tapped it in to Google and this is what I found. Sorry to throw you a curveball... :)

    1. Actually you found the list I used to find all of my museums. I discounted any that were private and boring in favor of any private and not boring. Also any that required a space ship to travel across the city....

  2. Oh, here we go:

    1. Whoa! USP has it going on! I will look at this list more closely--if any of it is in Cidade Universitaria, it's added for sure--that's across the dirty water from me. If it's out of SP, or again requiring a space ship, I will have to let it go... Thanks!

    2. Okay, I added a few based on the USP site you sent me. There are a few closed for renovation or exhibit change, a few in different towns (Sao Carlos, Santos, Itu) and one is a traveling museum, next to be found in Pira ssununga. I will edit my list and repost...thanks again!

      Centro de Divulgação Científica e Cultural (CDCC) Sao Carlos (NO)
      Centro de Preservação Cultural (CPC) / Casa de Dona Yayá (Yes, Bela Vista, 9-17 h, M-F)
      Centro Universitário “Maria Antonia” (Yes, Vila Buarque, M-F 10 am - 9 pm)
      Estação Ciência (closed)
      Museus da Educação e do Brinquedo (yes, USP T-F 10-5)
      Museu de Anatomia Humana (closed for renovation, USP main campus)
      Museu de Anatomia Veterinária (visited)
      Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia (closed for new exhibit but on list)
      Museu de Arte Contemporânea (on list)
      Museu de Ciências (dinosaur head is on tour (?!?), water exhibit also travels, is at Cientec right now)
      Museu de Geociências (on list)
      Museu Paulista (also known as Ipiranga, closed)
      Museu Oceanográfico (visited)
      Museu de Zoologia (closed for renovation, but on list)
      Museu Republicano Convenção de Itu (in Itu but I would love to go)
      Parque Cientec (ugh, near zoo. probably will not go)
      Ruínas Engenho São Jorge dos Erasmos (in Santos, but looks cool. Will try).

    3. Ooops, not Pirassununga...Piracicaba. Maybe I'll have a good idea on the way there...

  3. When I was in a walking tour of Centro, we went to a small museum near Pateo do Colegio called, "Solar da Marquesa de Santos" ( Historically interesting place and the city did a great job remodeling the old house from 1800's. House of Dom pedro I's mistress...

    1. Great! Looks interesting...I have added it to my list! Thanks!