Saturday, June 29, 2013

Where's Waldo? - São Paulo

This is the view coming over a viaduct near the Mercado Municipal da Lapa (the municipal market of Lapa neighborhood). It's always chock-a-block with cars here and usually pedestrians racing across with shopping bags and carts brimming with produce and other purchases. I try to keep pretty alert here...and that is how I noticed the church. Can you see it? Follow the line from the middle silver car (what IS it with Brazil and silver and black cars?)  and you can just see the top of the two spires behind a white building.

I feel sorry for this church. It's Nossa Senhora da Lapa and the poor building had a mess of ugliness built up beside it. If that's not enough, a fence has been put around it either to save people from falling whatever, or keep people away from its doors. Who knows, maybe it's even closed. It is not clear from the signage. São Paulo is filled with these beautiful churches and old buildings and they are slowly being ignored to death, built on top of, or they survive simply scratching out an existence as best they can. Building here is not well monitored or regulated--anything goes. Or stays.

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