Sunday, June 30, 2013

We are the Champions, my friends - Brazil

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And so here we are at the finals of the Confederations Cup 2013. In general, I don't care about soccer. In reality, I have to care. No matter what is going on in the country with protests against the expense of this cup and World Cup, Brazil cares. They are playing the current World Cup holders (Spain) at home at the newly renovated Maracanã stadium-- a national treasure. I would doubt that there will be a television in Brazil tuned to anything other than the game. And I imagine that not many cars will pass in the street and not many people will be out and about.

Except in Rio. The streets outside the stadium are likely to hold 1 million people protesting. Tomorrow's national strike starts early, and I can only hope that the home team will win, because if it doesn't, the crankiness level is going to rise a notch. And that's only talking about my husband who quite literally becomes crabby with a Brazil loss. This is sports like you have never seen it. It is part of the country's soul.

That is not to say that my husband celebrated Brazil's winning the bid to host the World Cup. He, as many others did, saw that this was going to be diversion of attention and money away from critical social services. He is one of many saying "I told you so." He has not taken to the streets with the protests (he does have two broken arms after all) but he is sympathetic.

Go Brazil! And I'm not just talking about the game...

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